Take Your Time to Think !


Take Your Time to Think !


ESPAD LIFE is here to :

Make the modern Biomedical and Medical Technologies accessible for you

And Interact between you and healthcare systems worldwide to :

Manage your Health/Disease based on the individual characteristics

Connect to Medical Professionals to consult specific medical condition

Skin phenotypes can be distinguished based on defined molecules in your skin

Personalized preventive and treatment program by precision medicine

Management of precision diagnostics for Cancer, Infertility, Sport, Skincare and etc

Determines risk to different disease and specific treatment plan

Program for increase quality of life based on Molecular characteristics

Individual Bioresonance Therapy

Promising technology in the medical field with Metaverse

Masterclass to fellowship program in the field of personalized medicine



EspadLife’s scientists mission are accelerating discovery in order to find more effective, precise and personalized ways to prevent and treat diseases like cancer and sterility. .


Our vision is to educate and enable individuals to understand personalized medicine and to make informed choices about their own health and futures with their clinicians.